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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The big Christmas decoration make

Welcome to my new follower Steph. Check out her blog here..Its fab.

I've been persuaded to have stalls at 2 local Christmas fayres. I've given myself the imposible task of making enough Christmas decorations in 2 weeks, By my guestimation I need to make about 100 decorations to stock my stall. The current count stands at 15 felt tree decorations, 15 brooches, and 1 fabric sachet. I also have a further 17 fabric ones that just need sewing up once stuffed and and 5 felt ones that just need a little finishing off.

A handful of the makes so far 

I'm also going to make a few zipper pulls/phone charms with a christmassy feel and some slightly larger stockings too that are around 6" and put some sweets in.

This was last years stall at the fayre.

So many ideas...So little time, so now it's time to go for a Job interview and then into town with Mum for a little retail therapy...well if Christmas shopping can be theraputic, I'm not so sure about that one, but I'll certainly enjoy getting some fabric, beads and ribbon.

Have a great day, Thanks for stopping by. xx


  1. hello dear, i love all the sweet christmas decoration..so cute..
    yup..i think we all need more time..so much to do and so little time always..
    good luck with the job interview..and enjoy the time with mom.
    love you xx

  2. Hope you're ploughing through the 100 decorations! Wow that's a lot of stitching to get through, lol! They look great though and I'm sure you'll make lots of money :-)
    Good luck for getting the job too! x


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