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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Birthday surprises

Hey folks,
I'm very excited to be able to reveal the birthday presents I made for Rachel (visit her blog here). As you know we met up at the NEC earlier this month and I took with me the presents I'd made here, She was very good and only opened one as we needed the scissors. I'm not sure I'd have managed to wait 3 and a half weeks though.
So as you can see I made her a biscornu, matching scissor fob and keep and a keyring/bag charm. The biscornu pattern was from CSC 200 and came with one for the scissor fob too.

And the back, both have clear, silver lined seed beads on them, which show up a little more in the close ups. The thread is one of my favourites and is an Anchor varigated called Harlequin.
I used design elements from the pattern to make the scissor keep and backed it with pink felt and edged in the same pink ribbon used on the fob. I did also pop in a small pair of pink embroidery scissors for Rach too. They all have these gorgeous glass like buttons in the centre that I found at my local sewing shop and absolutely love.

I had the smallest biscornu left over as it was a pleasant mistake lets say! Hubby gave me the idea of a keyring and using ceramic 'icing' beads from the Brighton Bead Shop, made it up as I wasn't sure what to do with it at all.

There were two other gifts in the bag (Pink and spotty of course). One was a box of Turkish Delight and a little felt heart with a cute little wooden heart shaped charm. I forgot to take a pic of this so will get Rach to post one later.

I also made little sweet bags for her boys to put on the Christmas tree with their initials on. The alphabet was from a recent Cross Stitcher.

This week I've been stitching things for exchanges, I did a card for Laura on Monday evening and stitched a humbug last night which just needs beading and making up. That's the plan for tonight.

Christmas Fayre fact: I used 480 buttons to make the 164 decorations and brooches!!! more fayre facts on the next blog. Can you guess how many metres of ribbon it took?

Well thanks for reading, Have a lovely Wednesday. xx


  1. waawwww the most beautiful birthday present..i love everything so much..a big well done dear..you really very creative..i love the small biscornu on the keyring with beads..my fav one..
    beautiful bags for boys too..i know they will love them.
    keep well and love for you xx

  2. And I loved every single stitch on every single item!!
    The keyring is now on my bag as we speak I can't wait for people to start noticing it (my bag hasn't been outside yet today lol) the poor scissors have been used overtime and they are fantastic... they always sleep in their comfy lil pouch.
    I am currently arguing with hubby about the little heart (I will upload a pic asap)because I want to hang it in the car which means taking down his little boxing gloves... I do drive the car the most so I AM going to win!
    The boys adore their little candy sacks, they are being so patient because they are sat on the side in the kitchen waiting for the tree to go up (tomorrow hopefully), which means they have to look at them everyday but not touch! He he.
    Just need to find the perfect place for my biscornu now... the colours are so cheery it has to be somewhere that everyone can see, hmmmm....
    I have a few crafty things on the go at the same time at the moment but I'll send Kerry a pic of the heart to show you all as soon as I dig the camera out. :)
    Have a good week everyone. xxx

  3. They are all absolutely gorgeous Kerry! The colours of the biscornus are beautiful and I love the little gift bags, what a great idea :) 480 buttons, my goodness!!! My guess for the metres of ribbon... mmm... 30 metres??? Or is that too much? Somewhere between 20 and 30??? I'm very intrigued to find out!


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