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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Progress report

So 2 days since my last post and here is the progress. I'm on target pretty much with what I need to do as long as today is very productive. Yesterday was a rather productive day with 23 phone charms/zipper pulls made, 6 christmas puds, 6 snowmen and 1 and a half hearts. I say 1 and a half as I couldn't get the blanket stitching right on the second one. The fact it was 1.20am may have had a bearing.

Phone charms made with metal charms and 6mm miracle beads
As you can see since my last post I've used alot of the ready cut shapes so today's plan other than the stitch-a-thon is to cut the rest of my shapes. I have plan for a santa face and an owl along with a larger stocking (6") to fill with sweets. Tomorrow I will be off to town for more felt, ribbon and buttons (again). At this time of year I'm in and out of my two local shops 2 or 3 times a week. (and stand at the counter dithering about how much ribbon I need) When I pop into the shops I also keep my eye out for little bits to put in my Christmas gift exchange parcel for Laura. I'm pleased with what I've got so far.  

So here is the latest group of pictures. I've already sold 3 which is great and have been offered a place at a 3rd fayre but i've declined that as I don't have the time to make any more and I'd rather be stitching my christmas gifts for my family and friends. (read 6 biscornu, a coaster and a Christmas ornament for an exchange along with 3 ATC's) Oh and the 2 christmas stockings for the children.

The snowmen just need hats and scarfs now

So thanks for reading, leave me a mesage if you can. Have a lovely Sunday. xxx


  1. Wow, it is all looking *fantastic* Kerry! I love the phone charms, that's a great idea. The snowmen look fab, I love the little buttons, and the xmas puds are gorgeous. Hope you have a productive day today! :D love Laura x (PS I've been getting things together for our exchange too, yay!)

  2. wowwwwwwwwww everything is looking so wonderful dear..phone charms are so cute..and pudding is looking so yumyyyy and cutest snowman..you so creative,,
    keep well dear and have a lovely sunday xx

  3. great phone charms and fabby makes x


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