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Monday, 21 November 2011

Generous friends

Morning friends,
I hope today finds you all well. Yesterday morning I was stopped on the way into church by a lady I've known for about 18 years but only in passing. She mentioned to me a few weeks ago that she has some cross stitch bits she wouldn't use and would I like them. So here is what the bag contained. I was amazed by it's content, I was expecting a couple of battered half started kits, maybe some threads or cheap stuff.

Aren't they all fab, the kits are all anchor kits and the card one is kind of embelished embroidery. I love the two bookmark kits. All are in perfect condition and unstarted. A big thanks to Jo.

As for the Christmas fayre. I promise only 10 more days of you having to hear about it. I'm right on target and I only have 40 decorations/brooches left to make (Laura - I forgot to add the brooches when I told you my progress this morning). I got a stack more bits cut out yesterday and tried a santa design, that looks fab so far but needs a couple of finishing touches. Off to town later for a few final supplies. I need to get my price list sorted and find all my display stuff this week too (read steal mug tree from Mum's). Next Monday I could be cross stitching again, now that would be a treat!!! So here's what I made yesterday. I may try and get to bed before midnight tonight as I'm somewhat sleep deprived!

Have a great week one and all. xx

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  1. wow very beautiful kit..really great stash..now more stitchy goodies for you..
    i love the ornament so much..so sweet..
    have fun dear xx


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