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Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 plans


Thank you for that lovely welcome back...

I don't intend to set many goals this year as I'm rather over ambitious and just end up getting a little bit stressed out. So for 2017 here are my goals. I'm going to attempt 17 stitching projects in 2017. I have listed 16 as I'm sure something else will catch my eye during the year. The WIP's must be completed and the new starts - started!! I've put my quilt down and the 3 crochet projects I have on the go too down but they don't count in the 17. Despite me saying I'm not setting goals - that's more than last year and also includes several 4 WIP's from last year too. My theory is that I will complete the 7 WIP's and then have 3 to go into 2018 with along with a handful of small finishes too. I'm hoping this will help me stash bust too as only the humbug and ES need to be kitted up.

Complete WIP's - 

Winter biscornu

12 days of Christmas

Anchor traditional sampler

Birth sampler

Blackwork Seasons

Bunny card

Tiger tree decoration

New Starts - One kit or chart from each year I have been blogging

2017 - Earring kit from cross stitcher
2016 - Elizabeth Shepherd and Celtic Bird
2015 - Butterflies and Buddleia needle case
2014 -Blackwork bird song and necklace Kit
2013 - Just Nan Humbug
2012 or older  - Maia Giraffe Silhouette and Jubilee Heart
Other Crafts:

Work on hexagon quilt

Finish Granny swap blanket
Winter Blanket
Chunky Cowl

Candle making kit

Do something with the cotton reels too!

I'll be taking part in the usual SAL's - Wipocalypse, Gifted Gorgeousness and the smalls SAL too as they all fit with my stitching above - What SAL's are you taking part in?

I also saw on Katie's blog about her box of shame where all her completed projects languish. I too have a box of shame buried under the bed somewhere, (At least I think that's where it is) which contains several completed pieces of work which I intend to get done framed this year. As I'm on a tight budget I will be trying to source frames from charity shops and then upcycle them. Best I start carrying a tape measure and sizes of frames needed with me. I've also added all the sizes of frames I need for the above projects too.

So wish me luck!

Happy stitching in 2017


  1. Good luck with your plans for the year.

  2. Good luck. My goal is just to stitch something this year. Anything!

  3. That's quite a bit of stitching, but I think you can do it. Good luck and it will be fun watching your progress.

  4. Good luck with your goals. I really like the flower pieces from your box of doom.

  5. Good luck with the 2017 stitching plans!!!
    It's so nice to read your blog again.

  6. Great plans and they sound pretty reasonable. Good idea about the frames as well.

  7. These WIPs sound and look very good. I wish you luck with all your plans.


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