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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

WIPocalypse 2017

Hey Folks,

So a few days late, but here is my introduction post for WIPocalypse 2017 hosted by Measi. Most of you will be familiar with how it works but basically it's an easy going SAL where we choose our own projects that are Works-In-Progress  and post about our progress on the last Sunday of the month. There is usually a question too about us and our stitching. this month it's just introductions...

Here are my 7 WIP's going in to 2017...

Anchor Traditional Sampler

To do - Approx 3,500 stitches. 
Estimated time to complete - 4 weeks

Birth Sampler for Miriam who is now 6 months old! 

To do - back stitch needed on the teddy (as life is too short to add all the French knots to the lettering).
Estimated time to complete - 3 days

12 days of Christmas 

To do - Blocks 6-12 and gold rings on 5th day.
Estimated time to complete - 6 weeks

Blackwork seasons

To do - Autumn and winter
Estimated time to complete - 6 days

Winter biscornu

To do - Borders on top and bottom, 4 snowflakes on bottom and stitch together
Estimated time to complete - 1 week

Wooden decoration 

Background and maybe some embellishments 
Estimated time to complete - 1 day

Bunny card

To do - most of stitching, back stitch and mounting
Estimated time to complete - 3 days

So by my reckoning that's approx 3 months work so I'm going to have a big push on them in January and for each one I complete put in a new start of a similar size. I think the biggest challenge will be 12 days as it's one that keeps getting sidelined in favour of others. I'm going to finish the birth sampler first then see how far I can get on 12 days before I need a change. I tried doing one block a month last year and only stuck with that for 3 months so hopefully way will see a big chunk done. I'd love to get to day 10 before the first official check in on the 29th.

So to all the WIPocalypse participants - Good luck and happy stitching to all.


  1. Good luck with those! They are all lovely and am sure will be finished in no time.

  2. Good luck with your stitching. You have beautiful projects, I especially enjoy the blackwork seasons.

  3. I think those are very feasible goals...you should have no problems! And I totally agree with the French knots! UGH! If I just HAVE to do them, I will typically use beads.

  4. Good luck with all your WIPs. You have a reasonable list, and new starts mixed in should keep it interesting. You can do it with 12 Days! It might be a nice break of mostly monochrome after a more complicated colourful project.

  5. Great choice of projects - lots of variety. You can do it.

  6. Your WIPocalypse list is very reasonable. Good luck with completing these.

  7. The Sampler is lovely and I do like the blackwork seasons bookmark.

  8. You have some beautiful projects to stitch on. I recognise the Anchor sampler and really love the sweet snowman biscornu! I'm sure you will have them done in no time.

  9. Lovely projects! Some of them are so close to being done. Good luck! :D


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