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Saturday, 14 January 2017


Hey Folks,

I must say I love my Saturday mornings sat at the dining table with the laptop, coffee and toast, watching out the window at the birds in our garden. We didn't many birds other than Sparrows, Robins and Blackbirds at the old house so I was really pleased to see a Wren and Greenfinch this morning. We get a lot of Blackbirds as they love the apple tree and having the field behind us will hopefully mean we see a lot of new visitors - especially when I put some food out.

Right onto the reason for this post. I decided that I wanted to focus in February on my Anchor Sampler and then in March have some new starts. I enjoyed taking part in Theme-a-licious couple of years ago hosted by  Heather at It's Geek to me. It was a fun SAL where you stitched on a different theme each month and linked up to a check in post that Heather posted. I have spoken to Heather and she is happy for me to do a similar thing this year as she is no longer running Theme-a-licious. At the moment there is no sign up, logo or link post but if people want to join in then that's fine and we'll see what happens regarding sign up and post linky's...It's very much a no pressure, post if you have something that fits kind of SAL. The mighty shoehorn is always welcome as I'll be doing that for April myself.

So introducing....THEME-TAS-STITCH!!

The themes will start in February and some will be ones you may have seen or taken part in before.

Focus Finish February - 
Is there a WIP in your stash that you would love to get finished - then focus on a finish in February!
March Madness - 
Work on as many different projects in March - You could do one a day or have a day when you see how many you can stitch on.
April Showers - 
What pieces do you have that contain water? - It might be rain, river, sea or lake - see how many stitches you can make!
Monochrome May -
Choose a colour and stitch on your projects that contain that one colour.
 Jardin June -
Venture outdoors and put some stitches in a piece that has a garden or floral theme.
Just one July -
Pick a focus piece for the month and see how much progress you can make - show us before and after pictures if you can.
Animalia August -
Give some love to those projects with our furry or feathered friends.
 September Smalls -
What is the smallest stitch in your stash? Show us your smalls! 
Opulent October -
Break out the bling - stitch with beads, charms, metallics or on sparkly fabric.
No X November - 
Blackwork, Hardanger, pulled thread or speciality stitches the choice is yours or maybe it's time to tackle the backstitch on some of those almost finished projects.
Deck the Halls December -
Christmas is almost upon us so pull out those Christmas themed projects or stitch a new ornament for the tree. 

So there we have the themes for the year. Thank you again to Heather for letting me run with your original idea. If you want to join me just leave a comment. I'll be posting my month's progress on the 21st of each month so hopefully that won't clash with too many other SAL's

Happy stitching.

Edited to say:
Sign up now available here (page tab at the top of the blog) along with a little logo picture thing designed by Hubby.


  1. The themes sound great, but I am terrible with this sort of thing, so I shall just cheer you all on from the sidelines.

  2. THEME-TAS-STITCH sounds interesting.I can meet the theme for 7 out of 11 months, so I'm tempted. I will look into my stitchy journal to look for projects to meet all themes, before I commit.

  3. This sounds very tempting, Kerry. But during the first half of the year I will be busy with other things, so maybe I will join you all from July on.

  4. Ooh I'm tempted too but I'm not sure how this would fit in with my planned stitching for the year. I'll have a think about it and a look through my WIP list and let you know.

  5. Sounds interesting, will have to see what I have to fit in with it each month,

  6. Hooray!! I'm so happy you're continuing the themes. We will teach these amateurs how to shoehorn. ;) I'm already making lists...I have some great things picked out for February!!

  7. Awesome! I am totally in, shoe-horn at the ready. 21st is good me for as most of the SAL cluster around the end of the month.

  8. Nice to find the spirit of Heather in this SAL, I'll try to join next February, love those themes, good for creativity! xxx


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