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Saturday, 3 September 2011

catch up Saturday

Morning folks,
Today I'm having a bit of a catch up the house as it looks like it is lived in by a gang of tramps with hoover phobia. I was going to wait until the children go back to school but frankly I cannot stand another 4 days of mess so I will be spending time doing this today. not my idea if fun, I'd rather be stitching! So to keep up with the catching up theme I thought i'd post 3 pics that were meant to go on other blogs and didn't quite make it for whatever reason.

Here are the seaside sachets all made up. they're now hung up in the cloakroom. The middle one is a little wonky but hey, it's handmade!

This is the birth sampler I did for my son. It was my most challenging piece as a novice stitcher (day 8's question). It had tweeding, french knots, fractionals and took alot of counting to get the characters in the right place.
finally heres the Stitchlet exchange i recieced from Bubbler Anne.  I love mouseloft kits, they're so sweet and the blue flowers will look great on ATC's too.

Day 17: Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story behind it?
I've never had a piece of stitching ruined although when I was sewing up the height chart last week the iron was spitting out limescale so that was a bit of a hairy moment. So far anything thats been spilt has come out in the wash and when I was stitching Elvis for Mum, I cut the fabby too small and only left about an inch on 2 of the sides for framing. It was ok and framed up nicely.

So I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I just want to send my best wishes to Laura as she gets married today. have a wonderful day. x

Kerry. x


  1. Love the seaside cushions, no it's not wonky it's 'unique' :-) Doesn't look wonky to me anyway! The sampler is lovely and the goodies are fabulous.

  2. seaside cushions are looking so lovely..and the sampler is so sweet too..
    lovely goodies..have fun..
    keep well dear..
    lots of love and hugs for you xx


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