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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Thursday ponderings

Hello followers, I hope this Thursday finds you all well in your corner of the world. I thought I'd write a quick blog as I munch my muesli. I had a completely stitch free day yesterday as we had friends for dinner. I'm enjoying stitching the Hydrangea so much, I really missed not stitching it yesterday. I have given myself a computer time limit this morning to maximise my stitchy time.

I recieved a lovely bookmark yesterday a part of crafty lauras gift exchange on bubble from Jo. I have 3 ATC's due to come to me over the next week or so then that'll be it with the exchanges for a while whilst I catch up with birthday cards.
Bookmark from Jo
Day 24: Have you ever made your own pattern? How did it turn out?I've designed a few things over the years. Sometimes it's just a new sampler layout from designs from magazines. I've designed several biscornu. One thing I did for 2 special families was to make them mini samplers for their homes. I got the idea when round at one of their houses I noticed she had several minature pictures in a row above a door frame. I knew I had some tiny wooden frames so designed a mini sampler to fit. its the first time I'd used cross stitch design software, usually I just get out the graph paper and do it like that, anyway heres one of them.

Mini Sampler
Well folks thats me for today. I'm off for a quick gander at bubble. Thanks for reading. x


  1. very lovely book mark..and mini sampler is so cute too..
    happy thursday..hugs xx

  2. Oh Kerry I'm very jealous of ur bookmark! I love all things cute and cuddly and Forever Friends and Fizzy Moon are at the top of the list!! Lol.

    The sampler is so cute too! Your skills never cease to amaze me. :)


  3. Gorgeous bookmark, lucky you! The mini sampler is very cute.

  4. Ooh lovely bookmark! I'm really excited about seeing what everyone has made for the exchange! And a big thank you again for doing two to make up the numbers Kerry! Love the little sampler, so pretty!


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