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Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday - Hydrangea update

Good morning one and all. I hope today finds you all well. It's been a busy morning and I'm yet to crack the housework. I've been Christmas shopping this morning and to Tesco. I feel worn out all ready.

I had a fab stitchy session yesterday and did almost 400 stitches on Hy which was a really good total for me. I also managed to do a bit on my Circles embroidery and now I only have 2 circles to complete to finish it. It been a fun bit of stitching. So here is the Hydrangea as it looks now. I'm hoping for another good session on it tonight too.
Hydrangea update as of 18/9/11
I really need to order the threads I need for my next project other wise I'll be ready to start and they wont be here for me. Which leads me nicely on to todays question...
Day 27: How do you acquire most of your stash? Online retailers, local shops, swaps, or large chain craft stores? What’s your favourite?I get threads and most of my fabby from Cross Stitch Heaven as I tend to do alot of designs from magazine charts rather than kits. If I do do a kit it's usually one I've picked up when I've gone to the Hobby Craft show at the NEC (6 weeks and counting Rach!!) I do love my local shops too The Cotton Reel and Creative Hands. I use them for buttons, fabric and ribbon and also the odd skein when I'm desperate to get on with something. The staff are so helpful in both of them.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day. xx


  1. Lovely stitching kerry - those blues are really pretty :-)

  2. Well done Kerry it's coming on so fast!!

    I'm really excited about the Hobbycraft show in November... is it really only 6wks away?? Yipee!!!! :D

    Now I have a complaint to put in.... you seem to suddenly be getting lots of stitching done whereas I'm making hardly any progress (compared to how I was doing) anyway, I've come to the conclusion that you snuck in here over the weekend and stole my turbo needle... NOW GIVE IT BACK!!!! :p he he love you really hunni and I'm so impressed with your progress on the Hy.
    Big big hugs
    Rach xxxxxxx

  3. Wow that's grown loads! You've been busy stitching, looks fabulous :-)


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