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Saturday, 17 September 2011

muesli musings

Well it's a damp saturday here in my corner of the world which is a bit of a shame as I am taking DS out this morning to see Day of the Diesels, the new Thomas Tank Engine film as he's somewhat obsessed with all things railway. We're taking his best friend too so should be a nice morning with lots of popcorn and maybe a Macdonalds for lunch. 

The Hydrangea is moving along slowly but surely. I do enjoy stitching it and I only have around 2100 stitches to do so I'm well on target for my end of September finish, but I really do need to hit my 300 stitches target each night in the stitchathons with the lovely Rach. I'll post an updated wip pic on Monday

My exchange partners have recieved their gifts now so here is a pic of the biscornu. It's one of my absolute favourite biscornu's that I've made. The owl on the branch is part of a design from WOXS 172 - Funky owl cards, stitched on 14ct sky blue aida and beaded with Mill Hill beads 0556. I found the owl button in House of Fraser and the flower button is from one of my local sewing shops I brought recently and popped in my button tin, knowing it would be perfect for a biscornu at some point.

Ivory's Owl biscornu

Bottom of Owl Biscornu
Day 25: Do you have a book or a place where you keep patterns, ideas, wish lists? Post a picture of it!
I certainly do have a little notebook where I keep all my notes, lists ideas and thread orders. I've used it for about 3 years. It has my DMC shade card slipped in the front along with odd designs and notes. I also have the lovely stitching diary too made for me by Bubbler Chloe last year as part of a stitching diary exchange.

Stitching Diary and my Stitchy notebook
Well the sun is now shining and the sky blue so best I get ready for the day. Have a fab weekend friends. x 


  1. hope you have a great saturday, the biscornu looks lovely, just waiting for one more atc to turn up x

  2. i love heh biscornou sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much..very sweet..
    have a lovely day dear xx

  3. Oh I looooove that biscornu!!! And I bet Ivory did too as she loves owls! How perfect! Hope you have a nice day out and the weather picks up!

  4. Fab biscornu Kerry, the buttons are just perfect for it! Hope the Thomas film was good :-) I just launched my giveaway today so make sure you enter!

  5. Hi Kerry, I love the biscornu's! They are both really nice, well done hunni. :)

    Hope your sat finishing your stitchathon as I'm writing this, those 2100 stitches aren't going to finish themselves! lol. Just kiddin I'm so impressed with how well stuck into it you are.

    Just going to post my stitchy progress on my blog (and FB) spk tomorrow. xxx


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