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Friday, 2 September 2011

Weekend here we come!

I didn't stitch much yesterday although stitching was never far from my mind. I did write out thread lists for my next 5 projects in my little notebook so I do believe it will soon be time to do a thread order. I have a couple more projects to list before. I sat with my pencil and graph paper having a little sketch too. I do like to sketch little idea's for designs. I want to make my own stitchers sampler so I will be going through mags over the coming days to get ideas.
I did sew up the seaside sachets with a little help from my son who chose where to put the charms. some might call it a little wonky, I call it handmade charm. I've been asked to make a couple of handbags by a friend so I get to go fabric shopping. I have to decide a price and that is the hard thing as the fabric is £11 a metre but I use way under that so I'm unsure what to charge her. The school craft fair will be at the end of November, I had a stall last year so I might make some bits for it again this year, thats 2 1/2 months to plan and design. Christmas decorations always go down well. Hopefully Novembers trip to the NEC will give me ideas too along with the stash to create some masterpieces. I've had the notebook out again and it has one or two ideas.

Last night I got out an old embroidery UFO and thoroughly enjoyed stitching it, whilst trying to find a picture of it I came across 3 more co-ordinating designs. I think I may have to purchase them!!!
Pink Circles embroidery by Anchor

I'm popping over to mums later with the children so looking forward to catching up on Bubble as for some strange reason I can't post from this computer.

Oh nearly forgot the question!
Day 16: Have you ever had a stitching related injury?
Apart from stabbing myself with a needle numerous times and a sore shoulder from poor posture when stitching, nothing to report i'm afraid!

Have a fab weekend friends. x

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