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Friday, 9 September 2011

Not alot to report but I thought I'd have a catch up with my questions and see how you all are doing. welcome to my new follower passionatlypink...about time too Rach!!!
Day 20: Do you stitch in public? Was anyone offended/incredibly happy/curious that you were doing so?I'll stitch anywhere and it's not uncommon for me to stitch on the bus when I'm child free, in the park whilst watching the children play or at birthday parties my son goes to. I'm not sure how people could be offended by it, Sometimes I get little comments about it, generally people admiring it and/or my ability just to do it. It's lead to me finding out about other stitchers and crafters. The first time I took it to a kids party one of the other mums was very glad and promply got out her knitting.

Day 21: Do you stitch gifts for friends and family for the holidays or birthdays?I love to stitch for friends and family for Christmas and birthdays. I have for the last few years stitched my Hubby a dragon themed card for our wedding anniversary, my best friend Sarah gets something most birthdays even if it's just a stitched card. My son likes me stitching things for him too and will put in a request every now and again. My favourite person to stitch for is my Mum. She's had a couple of pictures and lots of cards. I've got her christmas present and card all planned, along with my son's. they'll only be small bits, but that way everyone gets a little something. I've done a few cards for bubblers too.

Day 22: Have you ever stricken someone off your to-stitch-for list because they didn’t appreciate/take care of your last stitched gift to them?I've never stricken anyone from my list, but over the years I've learnt which friends to stitch for. It now means I only stitch about 12 Christmas cards now and thats enough for me and I can say I've got 7 done already yay!!

Hydrangea is coming along well, spurred on by my evening stitchathons with Rach. Today I should get the leaves finished and post a progress pic for you all tomorrow. I've been thinking about my stash reduction for the bubble group and what 5 to pick for next year. I think I've got 4 out of the 5 already
  1. A nudge from mom (needle treasures)
  2. QS Iris (HAED)
  3. Lickle Greetings (Lickle Ted)
  4. Japanese Bookmark (V&A collection by Anchor)
I'm not sure what the 5th will be yet, i'll probably do a floral design from one of the many magazine charts I have on my to do list.

Have a fab day folks. x


  1. I've never stitched in public, not that I'd have a problem with it but I don't get to sit down when I'm out, no kids so no waiting around I guess! I have struck people off my stitch list, I used to stitch cards for all the members of my and my boyfriends family and it was a lot! Some of them just didn't seem to appreciate the result though and I have a sneaking suspicion that some of my cards were probably thrown out with the other cards afterwards. Now I only stitch for a few and the design is planned, the more they love my stuff the more complicated and time consuming a design they get, lol!

    Oh and well done on having 7 cards done for Christmas already!

  2. Aww thanks Kerry!! :) xxx

    I'm loving our stitchathons alot! I probably would have missed quite a few stitching opportunities if we hadn't started them!

    Can't wait til you actually get into the flower of ur design.. roll on tonight!! :D

    Still don't understand how you can just whip out a project on a bus and get stuck in! I have to be completely settled and make sure my mind can truly concentrate before I stitch... I'd probably get motion sickness in a moving vehicle too! Lol. I'm rubbish aren't I? Ha ha.

    My ticket for the craft show arrived at Mums last week... I'M SO EXCITED!!! Do think any of our bubbling friends would like to join us?

    Spk later hunni. xxxx


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