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Monday, 5 September 2011

Last day of the summer hols

Well I'm predicting today will be a busy one with all the preparation for back to school tomorrow. I still need to sew in some nametapes, an onerous task if ever there was one, along with a couple of other jobs.

I put aside all the little projects and got the Hydrangea out yesterday. I felt I wasn't getting anywhere with it as I'd been stitching alot for exchanges. I did 550 stitches on it or there abouts yesterday and finally looks like something rather than a green splodge on the fabric. (It's 2 green splodges now!) so here's my progress pic. An image of the competed design can be seen on the right.

Day 19: Do you watch television or listen to music whilst you stitch? What are your favourite things to stitch to?The TV is usually on when I'm stitching, and is normally a crime drama of some description, last night it was Gently on BBC1. I do watch some sport too whilst I stitch. I'm a big fan of Formula 1 so I watch or rather listen to that, also Tennis and big events like the Olympics. I like comedies too like Miranda and Big Bang Theory if there really is nothing on then the DVD's of the Gilmore Girls come out. How about you readers?

Have a lovely week everyone .xx


  1. hello dear, happy monday!
    i saw the picture..it is so stunning..keep it up dear..
    i love to watch tv when i am stitching..i love to watch soaps, and movies when i am stitching:)

  2. Your two splodges look lovely :-) It does look like leaves now, roll on the flower!
    I watch, or listen to the telly when I stitch or I have cd's on. I watch crime dramas, motor sport (not F1, I like motorbikes!) or classic comedy. I hate soaps! Music it's rock, like AC/DC or Nickelback, blues or country (yeehaw, lol)

  3. I'm with you on the rock music, although more likely to be Foo Fighters, Green Day or maybe something a little older like the Jam


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