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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Thursday already

Yesterday I recieved my stitchlet exchange from Anne and had this lovely little stitchlet, card and embelishment. It was my first stitchlet swap and good fun to do. I spent alot of yesterday evening sketching out a ATC design for the swap on bubble as I only have 10 days or so to get them done. One got finished yesterday and I used the CSC design again but did a blackwork version, I kind of just did the outline of the main flower and then just let the needle take me where it did. I started the second one too and I shall continue to work on that today. I'll post a pic in my next blog when they are both made up into ATCs. I also finished a design for a coaster. I used the top of a biscornu design from the totally fab Kincavel Krosses.
All stitched and ready to be made into coaster
Laura (check out her blog here) recieved her wedding parcel I'd made for her yesterday so I can now do the big reveal for that! I stitched her a card and matching tag from Cross Stitcher issue 225 and stitched this blackwork lucky horseshoe from a DMC booklet called Blackwork Occasions. Both designs required beading and I went into town armed with the one side of the design to match the beads as I'd changed the colours to match Laura's colour scheme, not realising that the card needed beads too. anyhoo I brought beads that went very well (Mill Hill 2018) got them home to realise that the card needed beads too and would you believe they were the right colour - see the horseshoe is lucky already! I also made Laura a little parcel of heart and love themed sweets for a bit of fun. All that remains is to wish her and her Fiance all the very best for Saturday and every happiness together.
Back of Horseshoe

Front of Horseshoe

Wedding Card for Laura
Ok I think I need to catch up with some questions so here are 3 to see me up to date (I think)
Day 13: Have you ever taught anyone to stitch?I taught my mum to do tapestry's, she won't try cross stitch as much as I've offered to teach her, I'll keep persevering. I think if she ever completely falls in love with a design then that would be when she'd learn, but knowing my luck she'd get me to stitch it! I'd be happy to teach anyone who'd pick up a needle.
Day 14: What’s the worst threads or fabric that you’ve worked with and why?
I've gone of working with metallics and no amount of thread heaven will make me change my mind at the moment. I can't think of a fabric athough recently I did a round robin where my fabric was an aida band, as with many bands it was very loosely woven and impossible to do fractionals on. It gave one of my fellow robiners quite a headache.
Day 15: What was your least favorite pattern and why?I can't think of anything I've stitched where I've really disliked the pattern. I only tend to stitch things that I like the pattern for, even when doing gifts. I did start a flower fairy once from a card kit and just couldn't get into it. It didn't ever get finished and I passed it on to a penpal to do.

Thanks for reading folks and stopping by. Enjoy the rest of your day. x


  1. I can't thank you enough for the GORGEOUS wedding gifts! I just showed them to my Mum who arrived this morning and she thought the horseshoe was absolutely beautiful and so nicely stitched, and she was amazed by the card. THANK YOU AGAIN! And I can't wait to get stuck into those sweets! Yum yum. I like the coaster design you've stitched. Kincavel is a fab website, there are loads of great designs. Don't even talk to me about metallics- I HATE THEM!! Anyway, must dash, thank you again!!!! lots and lots of love, Laura xxx

  2. Laura, it was an absolute pleasure to stitch them for you. x

  3. Gorgeous gifts and a beautiful card too Kerry :-) What a stroke of luck with the beads matching the card, that would never have happened for me, lol! The coaster design is a great one, I like the designs there too.
    Oh and I love metallics, maybe I'm just odd!


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