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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

Well I spent a hour sunday tidying my ribbon tin and winding them all on strips of card. It was such a mess before and had frustrated me when I couldn't see what I had. It was a good job done even if I did have 'help' from the children.
I finished a little ornament yesterday and I'm very pleased with the outcome. It turned out better than I'd hoped despite having to stitch the one side twice. I sat and sketched out a design for the ATC yesterday too and stitched it this morning. the design is from the Cross Stitcher website here (scroll down to the cross stitch collection entry.) It's an interpretation of it as I thought it was a great quick design and took me 90mins to stitch using threads in my left overs pot. I'm very tempted to join the September ATC swap on bubble if I can make them as quicky as that. I have a feeling ATC's will become another addiction, saying that I've not made a biscornu in over a week, but I do have one to do for an exchange very soon.

Day 11: Do you have a “Stitching Hero” or someone that is just way too awesome for their own good? Do share!
Hmm stitching hero, now thats a toughie, I admire anyone who stitches HAED's or designs of a simular size, nature, complexity. My hat's off to you guys. There are 3 people who spring to mind who challenge me as a stitcher. My good friend Rach who keeps me motivated when I need it and was my first stitching friend, Ann for her generosity and kindness and Laura who sent me my first biscornu and inspired me to have a go myself. Thank you lovely ladies.

Day 12: Where do you keep your stash? Post pictures!

My 'boxes under the bed'

Tidied ribbon tin
Here there and everywhere is the correct answer! I have 3 boxes under the bed, one with bits and bobs in, finished pieces and to be honest who knows what else, and 2 other boxes with kits in. One for the the large kits and another for the cover kits, stitchlets etc.  Lastly is the bookcase which has 8 mag files full of stitch and craft mags and a fair few books too. The garage also contains my machine sewing stuff, along with stuff to make cards, jewellery and scrapbooks. Now before I photograph this lot I'm off for a little tidy up (except for the garage as its waaayyyyy too big a job!)
Well I hope the bank holibob was a good one for you all. Thanks for stopping by. Kerry. x


  1. Aw thanks Kerry! That's so kind :) I love the photos of your stash, I like seeing how other people keep their bits and bobs organised! I warned you about ATCs didn't I!!! It's really lovely. I really must make another biscornu, I haven't done one for ages... Well done for getting your ribbon box tidy, I really must do that sometime as mine are all bunched in together!

  2. great atc and very tidy stash. Clare on cb punched holes in a liquitabs box and put her ribbons in there, with a small amount pulled through..i have done the same for some of my scraps x

  3. wow..sweet atc and lovely stash..and very tidy..i also done the same with ny ribbons..
    keep wel..love and hugs xx


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