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Saturday, 20 August 2011

30 day challenge - days 2 and 3

As I didn't get chance to post this yesterday, here are questions 2 and 3.

Day 2: What is current stitching project?
Which one is the answer to that one!! If I had to narrow it down to one it would be the purple biscornu. The top is now done, fully backstitched. Last night i started the bottom and got all the cross stitching and back stitching done. It's going to be personalised so I need to get that bit stitched as I sat and charted it yesterday morning. It's not as purple as originally planned but it is stitched on lilac aida with purple and green threads.

Day 3: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?
Yup, certainly do - the two pic's at the bottom of my blog are the 2 big projects that I have on the go. The Hydrangea and the Iris. I love stitching florals. They must be my favourite thing to stitch, saying that I do only have 2 big completed ones. If i'm doing something for me then flowers are what I usually stitch and make up most of my wish and to stitch list too.

I've also been ferreting in the garage for my card making stuff and made up the popcorn card for the exchange. I just need to parcel it up now along with the stitchlet and charms and send it on its merry way.
I tried to make a 1/3" biscornu yesterday morning, utter madness I know. It didn't work as it frayed where i'd only left 1 aida block, so I will persevere as i'd managed to sew up 5 of the 8 sides before this happened. I have 2 choices - iron on some vilene before cutting up and use a sharp to sew it up or leave 2 aida blocks. If neither of those work then I may have to concede defeat, however there may be a third way but then I think I may need the men in white coats.

The children and I had a lovely morning out on Thursday at the bowling alley with some of the boys from DS's class. It was lovely to sit around with a coffee whilst the boys had loads of fun. We all had lunch too  and even after 4 hours it was hard to drag the boys away.

My bead order arrived this morning. I didn't order much just some findings and some pretty glass beads. I did manage to order the wrong jump rings (d'oh) so i'll just have to order some more along with some pretty beads too. so heres a pic of my little bits along with some buttons I found in the garage which have found their way to my button tin, and the buttons I brought for the biscornu (bottom left).
Have a fab and craft filled weekend everyone.
Kerry. x


  1. I love popcorn I think hes cute. Well done on the card.
    Take care lilian

  2. Lovely stitchlet exchange Kerry! I received mine on Saturday from Zuzana, just waiting for her to receive and then I can post pics of what I sent on my blog :) Lovely buttons and beads too. I love getting crafty post- even when I've ordered it myself! Haha. I can't believe you're trying to make a biscornu that small!! I think I'd have given up by now!! Have a lovely day!

  3. oh yes you can't beat crafty post. i'm in 5 exchanges in the next month or so, so i'll be stalking the postie. i've just taken a pic of the failed biscornu, i'm not one to admit defeat...not yet anyway. i'll post a on my next blog post

  4. lovely cards and sweet goodies xx


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