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Friday, 26 August 2011

A day without blogging is like a day without chocolate! My laptop died a couple of days ago (R.I.P, you've been a good friend) so I shall blog and bubble as often as I can until I can get a new one. Lessons were learnt when my previous one died and photos were backed up athough not all the rest of the stuff :-( The upside was that I got the sewing machine out and finally made up the height chart! I just need the dowel to hang it by. A good job done.
Hubby brought me some lovely Gladioli to cheer me up after the laptop giving up the ghost, the colours are gorgeous. As for stitching, I've been finishing a present and a card for a friend, so i spent last night beading the design. I've not used beads on a design other than a biscornu for ages so i was very pleased with the outcome. No pics yet but hopefully i'll have some for you over the weekend.

So to the questions for days 7, 8, and 9 thankfully I'd emailed this to Laura so I could retrieve it from my sent box.
Day 7: What is your least favorite piece you have stitched?My least favourite must be a Spurs emblem which I stitched for my footie mad best friend, but after stitching it realised it was the old style emblem and not the new bird on a basket ball one. I've still got it somewhere in the deep dark depths of my stitching odds and ends box.

Day 8: What’s your most challenging project?
My most challenging...I'd say the birth sampler I did for my son. I was still a very new stitcher with this only being my 3 design. It had colour blending, french knots and a tonne of fractionals. 7 years on I'd probably say my HAED, even though with it being whole stitches, just the size of the design, the number of colour changes and the challenge of stitching on 25ct.

Day 9: What fabric and thread do you love working with?
I've been using evenweave alot lately and i'm loving it. I love the fine finish it gives. As for threads, most of my collection is DMC, but I do love 2 of the anchor varigated threads which are rainbow (1335) and a jewel coloured one (harlequin 1375). I've used them quite alot recently in projects and they work really well in blackwork designs.
Well, I'm off to catch up with your blogs. Thanks for reading and have a fab day.
Kerry. x


  1. hi,height chart is looking so lovely..well done..and my answers are:
    7) think there is none my least fav stitched piece..
    8)i think it is coming..there is one with different types of stitches.
    9)i love working with linen and one strand..and i like all the threads..
    love xx

  2. The height chart looks great! It's amazing how much time you seem to have when the laptop is gone, I know mine went away for repair for a week and it amazed me how much I got done without it distracting me! :-)

  3. I love the height chart, it looks great! Sorry to hear about the laptop, bummer. Hope you manage to get it sorted out soon, at least you had everything backed up though, phew! Did you post a photo of the birth sampler on bubble? I'd like to see it :) Laura x

  4. Photo's are a bit hit and miss at the moment as hubbys pc wont let me play with them. i'll try my best though.


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