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Thursday, 18 August 2011

30 days challenge

Firstly welcome to my new followers and thank you for all your kind comments on my work.

I made great guns on the purple extravaganza yesterday and I'm very pleased with how it looks so far. I've finished the cross stitching on top of the biscornu, so I just need to back stitch. It's a celtic design so needs the backstitch for the definition of the knotwork. The bottom is much simpler so wont take long to stitch. DS helped choose the colours and I must say he has a very good eye for colour.

So to the title of this post. whilst reading Laura's blog Cute Crocheted Creations I came across a post with a 30 days of crocheting. I loved the idea and there doesn't appear to be one I could find based on stitching. I read through the questions on CCC and thought that alot could be applied to stitching too. I've re written all the questions, adding in a few of mine where the question couldn't be made to be stitching related and here goes for my 30 day challenge:

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

My first finished project was an Eeyore design by Designer Stitches. I saw it in a catalogue and thought wonder if I could cross stitch? apparently I could! It came as a pair and I made a fair few mistakes on it. I had no idea about fractionals and no one to ask so I had to frog a fair bit. Dividing the threads seemed barmy to me, but I did do it and looking at it now I don't think it was a bad effort. The pair hang on the wall in DD's pink palace now.


  1. Did somebody say PURPLE? Gets my vote! Looking forward to seeing a photo

    Happy Friday


  2. Great idea to make the 30 questions about stitching! My first piece of stitching was a little table mat on about 10 count that I did at school when I was about 7! I think my Mum still has it somewhere!!! I look forward to following your 30 day challenge :D

  3. ok not too sure why the pic of eeyore wasn't there, or the link to CCC either. i stitched one of those mats too when i was about 7 aswell. i remember the binca was a sort of dove grey. no idea what happened to it. it used to sit in the china cabinet with grandads clock on top.

  4. hi, lovely idea to make 30 question.
    my first piece of stitching is a local south africa kit of table mountain...of 11 count...and i made so many goffyness when i stitched it..lol..
    very sweet challenge:)
    love and hugs xx

  5. I have no clue what my first one was, I used to go to a craft club when I was little and I was probably around seven when I first stitched something.


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