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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

yay photos!

Hello everyone,
firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who have started following my blog and commenting on it too. I'm loving reading all the blogs i'm following - you're such a talented bunch, and generous too. I've entered myself for 2 giveaways one on Laura's blog and another on Cucki's. I love the idea of a blog giveaway and once I get a few more followers maybe i'll have to have one too.

We had a lovely day yesterday with lunch at my friend Keira's house. The children played so nicely and were very tolerant of DD who is only 15 months old so not bad for 6 yr old boys. We're going for a picnic on thursday together if the weather is ok.

As for the stitching, Popcorn is done and just needs to be made into a card. I'll do that later and parcel up with the goodies for the exchange. I'm going to start sewing up the biscornu today, they're not as fiddly as they look to do. It does make me wonder whether I could do a 1/2" one. something to try when i've 5 mins I guess.  Oh dear there goes another idea. I was looking for a chart for a Bubbler this morning and found a Hello Kitty one that would look lovely in DD's pink palace, so in 24 hrs thats another 3 things on the stitch list, oh and not forgetting the ATC I have said i'll do for Debs for charity.

Popcorn Bear     

Biscornu squares

I mentioned yesterday the UFO SAL - well I got very little done except to frog a mistake i'd made previously. Brita has laid down a challenge of sorts in the group forum so I need to make real progress on it over the next 4 weeks. I'll keep you up to date with that. There is nothing worth showing you yet except a few green blobs that will become leaves.

Well thats my news for today. We're off to the park this morning and hopefully i'll have a little stitchy time this afternoon.

Thanks for reading. Kerry. x


  1. Popcorn is so very cute

    Enjoy your trip to the park


  2. lovely work..i have a soft spot for teddies tho! x

  3. Fabulous stitching! I love the give away idea too, I'm going to have my first when I reach 30 followers, think it's 7 more needed now :-)

  4. yup..very lovely stitching..popcorn is looking so sweet..
    thank you so much for the *kick* i am stitching my biscornu..lol

    love and hugs cucki xx

  5. Lovely popcorn design! And the biscornu squares are gorgeous! Laura x


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