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Monday, 22 August 2011

Monday, Monday

Good morning blogland! The children let me sleep until 6.30am today, seems like such a luxury!

Day 5: Describe what your work space looks like.
Right my workspace. I always sit in the same place on the sofa in the window so I get very good lighting in the day. My floor frame is always up as I use the lamp and chart clip even if I don't use the stand. I have a little unit with 2 baskets in that holds all the bits I use alot like stuffing for the biscornu, cover kits, bags of threads. On top of the spotty box is my stitching diary (made for me by a Bubbler Chloe), my note book and my button tin. It's a gorgeous one with a stitch in time on top. I asked Mum last Christmas to buy me a nice tin to put my ever growing button collection in. We found this one in Boots and was perfect.
You can see some mags behind the table, I keep current issues and mags with designs I'm using down there in a mag file, with my blackwork books. I'm always dipping in and out of them so keep them close to hand. There is also a bag of fabby and my 2 big wips in a pillow case to keep them clean. Sat on the radiator is my pako and also the thread pots, one for oddments to be reused and the other for the rubbish.
My spotty box was a bargain in my local sewing shop. I paid a fiver for it a few months back and it was filled with DMC stuff, so now it has all my essential bits in, it does look rather staged but honestly all I did this morning was open the draw to take the picture. The big tin has a few bobbins of thread in that haven't been put away yet, I always have a pencil in there for sketching out designs etc. The scissors were a present from Mum and are fantastic. I've never used such good ones. I think they are Prym ones. I want to get a longer bladed pair for cutting fabric too. Inside the top of the box is a couple of bits of fabric, my current wip (say no more) and a few more pens and highlighters. 

As I mentioned in yesterdays blog that only got posted this morning for some reason, I've sewn up the biscornu for Ann's necklaces and here they are made up into necklaces. 

So I hope you enjoyed the little peek into my stitching world. Have a fabulous crafty day. We're off to the Post Office later to post the necklaces and no doubt the park too.

Kerry. x  


  1. Those biscornu necklaces look lovely Kerry! I'm sure Ann will love them. It's nice to see your workspace and all your boxes and folders and things! I should do a post like this too... I love the biscornu inside your spotty box too, fab! Laura x

  2. awww those biscornu necklace are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet..i love them with my heart..i wish i can stitch them small like that..well done xx


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