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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Teeny tiny biscornu

I mentioned yesterday that I wondered if I could make a half inch biscornu - turns out I can! This was stitched on 18ct with some threads from my oddments pot and finshed with a tiny pink seed bead. It does make me wonder whether I can do it any smaller than that...We shall see.

I did some work on my Hydrangea too. It almost has one leaf now. I shall try and do an hour a day and i'll post a weeky WIP pic. There is a pic at the foot of by blog of what the finished design will look like. I also sewed up two of the biscornu's for the jewellery. Only 3 to do and then off to the post office we go.

Next on the stitch list is the exchange biscornu, a purple extravaganza and then I think a little break from them is in order as I have several presents to make along with other exchanges.

We had a lovely morning at Cripplegate Park yesterday. it rained when we first got there but brightened up and the children had a lovely, if somewhat grubby time. the park had area's of very sandy soil where the grass had been scuffed away, they thought it was as much fun as the park its self. i took a few pics of the children including one of DS by the 163 year old fountain. (this pic from Worcester City council website)

Thanks everyone far continuing to read and comment on my blog.
Happy crafting.


  1. well done dear for making the teeny tiny biscornu..it is really amazing..a big well done..
    i am glad that you had lovely time in the park..keep well and happy stitching xx

  2. Good lord that is a teeeeeeny biscornu!! I love it! Looks like you had fun at the park :) The hydrangea looks like a lovely stitch to do. I look forward to the WIP pics! Laura x

  3. How small can you possibly go!!! That's amazing to get that small. Love the fountain, glad you had a good day out at the park :-)


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