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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My favourite piece

So todays question is...
Day 6: What is your favourite piece that you’ve stitched?
It has to be my Irises by Sheila Hudson. I love stitching floral designs and especially ones this vibrant. It took me a while to do as it got shelved for other things including a couple of long stitchy breaks. I finished it last year and i've yet to frame it. (such a shame) but as soon as i've finished the Hydrangea they will be framed in matching frames.
I have another design I love which is a blackwork design called Art Nouveau window. There are 2 other simular designs that i'm hoping to get at the November NEC Hobbycrafts show as it was a lovely stitch and I think it looks fab. it now hangs in my hall in a silver frame which with the blue mount, I think compliments it very well.

I was a very lucky girl today as Mum brought me a pair of dressmaking shears. I went in for some beads and ribbon for a design i'm doing and whilst I was browsing the buttons (another addiction) Mum got me them. She had to wait until I was away from the counter as I would have talked her out of it. It's fab having a Mum who crafts too as she understands the need for stash and good equipment! Thank you Mum!!!xxx

Hope everyone has had a lovely day. I'm off to get sorted in the house ready for my evening stitchy session. Thanks for reading and happy crafting.

Kerry. xx


  1. Two delightful pieces


  2. wow..ovely stitching..
    my fav piece of stitching is my fall lady:)

  3. They are both lovely Kerry, especially the blackwork! And lucky you with your dressmaking shears! It's sooo nice having a Mum that crafts- mine is a star! :D

  4. Love them both :-) The irises are gorgeous colours!


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