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Monday, 22 August 2011

Sleepy Sunday

My children have been deciding that sleep is for the weak and getting up very early indeed. so I thought at 7.30 this morning that it was time to sew up the last 3 small biscornu for Ann's necklaces.

Day 4: How did you learn how to stitch?
I've embroidered on and off for years, my Nan taught me to embroider when I was about 12, just doing some straight stitches. I stitched this little tray cloth which I still have now. I also did one of those little samplers on binca at school that most kids did aged about 7. As for cross stitching I learnt about 7 years ago with the eeyore kit. I just picked it up and gave it ago. I don't think we ever stop learning about our crafts and developing techniques and methods to make it more challenging and enjoyable.

I finished the purple biscornu and I love how its turned out. It has a beaded border and I've used the star buttons. I'm going to post it off to Steff tomorrow so watch this space for a photo soon.

Well thats me for today. Happy crafting, Kerry. x


  1. Looking forward to seeing a photo of the biscornu! Is that for an exchange on CB? Lovely photo. I just bought an embroidery book and am waiting for some fabric to arrive so that I can have a go at it properly! You never stop learning, you're absolutely right!

  2. Yes biscornu is for biscornu group exchange. i got a stitch bible with the intention of making my own sampler, not done anything towards it yet. i love the look of the anchor freestyle embroidery book. i quite fancy a go at that too

  3. i love your embroidery too..very sweet..
    i learn to stitch from my embrodery my teacher sari webster..that time i dont even how to hold a needle..she battled with me so much..
    love and hugs xx


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