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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sewing stash

So just a quick post to show the stash i picked up yesterday. as i mentioned yesterday the seaside fabric is for little sachets and i'm thinking the floral fabric might be a good bag lining for a Cath Kidston-esque bag. I'm thinking i will use the buckles as a decorative feature on a bag. at 10p each it would have been rude not to add them to the stash so they're now in my button tin. the nautical charms are for the sachets and the flowers for an exchange.

As my blog title references biscornu i thought best i add  a pic of some in my collection. the top one was the first one i made and is a simple blackwork one, the second was made for me by a good craft friend Laura and inspired me to have a go at one myself. the middle one is a dog themed one i made for my son last week from a WOXS pattern. the yellow one is a sewing themed one i designed myself and the bottom one is a patchwork design on top from a very old cross stitcher mag that i stitched 4 years ago and hadn't done anything with. the bottom of it is made up of 9 blackwork sqaures stitched in an anchor variagated thread.

Thanks for reading, i'm off to start a card for one of next weeks exchanges whilst DD sleeps and DS watches a Thomas Tank Engine DVD for the millionth time. Happy crafting everyone. x


  1. Great stash and a splendid pile of your work too


  2. hello dear, its me cucki..i am your new follower..i am from CB..i really love your new stash and biscornu's..love an dhugs xx

  3. Hello Kerry.
    I have just become a follower of you blog its very nice. I have a blog and have put it in the post in bubble. Your biscornu are lovely I have a few as well and love they the are so cute.
    Take care lilian

  4. I'm following too :-) Love the seaside squares, they'll look great made up! Welcome to blogland it's a fun place to be.

    Lori x

  5. Lovely seaside fabric Kerry! I think I'm going to make some more sachets from my seaside stash too. And I think we have the same seaside charms- are they from the Works by any chance?! Looooove all the biscornu, and it was nice to see mine in the stack! I actually have mine stacked up on my desk at the moment too!!, I should post a pic on my blog...

  6. (That was Laura by the way, my blogging name is Chaucer's Aunty- the medievalist in me of course!!)


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